Yelp Reviews:

7/24/2019 by Julia F.
I've seen Courtney several times over the past two months and every visit I'm amazed at just how good she is at what she does.  I need help with aging muscles and damage that has developed in my lower spine.  Each visit we review what was done at the last session and work out a plan for the current one.  I always come away feeling refreshed and able to walk more comfortably, and this effect lasts into the next week.  Her new office is pleasant and parking is convenient, and I am delighted with her personal charm, grace, and competence.  I'd follow her anywhere, but fortunately Mission Valley isn't that far from her previous location in Bird Rock.

10/31/2018 by David J.

​This is one of those rare instances where I wish the ranking scale went higher than 5 stars.  Six months after my initial review (with nearly 10 bodywork sessions with Courtney completed since then), it's time for an update to talk about her 6 star service.  
Every session feels personalized and customized (it's definitely not one of those "cookie cutter" massages that we have all had that seem to follow the same protocol every time).  She makes detailed notes after each session and creates a plan for the next one that we review together; she solicits feedback about what's working and what's not working and adapts on the fly; she applies special attention and care to any requested hot spots or problem areas (in addition to finding (and fixing) sticky spots I'm not even aware of).  
Courtney is a talented, well-educated, caring bodywork professional who continues to receive my highest recommendation.
p.s.  She just became certified on Cupping Therapy and has added that to her arsenal.  Tried it yesterday and I think it is my new favorite thing (especially on my balky quads and calves)!

​5/3/2018 by Chelise R.

I don't know why it has taken me this long to write a review for Courtney, but she is the best! Not only is she like a ray of sunshine, she is a massage miracle worker! She always checks in to make sure I am comfortable and to make sure that she's spending extra time in the areas that I am feeling the most discomfort. I am so grateful for the relief she gives me from my back pain and would highly recommend that you go see Courtney.

11/29/17 by Jaime G.

I have been going to Courtney for about 9 months, and in that time my chronic back pain/tightness has all but disappeared. My posture has even gotten better! I go to her with specific areas of discomfort anywhere on my body, and she is able to pinpoint the exact muscle groups causing me pain, and iron them out  like a pro. She uses multiple techniques to loosen up knots, resulting in a very thorough muscular overhaul by the end of each session. 
Courtney is also is so so so professional and she is a covers manipulation pro, so I never feel weird asking for more or less pressure, and I am never self conscious about my body or how covered it is by blankets. Everything is always just right. And so relaxing! I fall asleep on the table almost every session, and Courtney is never weird about it when my body wakes itself up with some weird jerking motion, or when I wake myself up with a loud snore or something like that. She is also very comfort-focused, so she is always checking in, asking if there is too much pressure or too little heat or anything that could be improved. She takes notes after every session, so next time you can expect improvements, though usually there is not even any room for improvements.
Not only is Courtney unmatched in technique, but her facility is literally the best. The whole place smells of lavender, there are soft trickling fountains, relaxing mood lighting, a heat controlled massage table, and there is always a personalized glass of water to prevent post-massage soreness.
Since starting sessions with Courtney I'm looser, pull muscles less often, go without back pain for days at a time (previously unheard of for me), and in a  perpetual state of being very very relaxed. As soon as I leave a session with Courtney, I am already looking forward to the next one, and the days leading up to my next session always feel like weeks, like waiting for Christmas. 
I am soon going on business travel in Asia for two weeks, and I am dreading it more than anything because I won't have Courtney with me to fix all of my body problems after my long plane rides, but least I will be flying with intention!
Conclusion: Best massages of my life in a super professional and relaxing setting!

​1/26/2016 by Jas K.

Best massage I've gotten. Here is why:
1. Great calming positive presence and energy. Relaxed me as soon as I walked in.
2. Sat down, went over what I wanted and made recommendations I had never heard but totally wanted to try (like tension release in my pectorals)...what? Turned out to be incredibly effective. I didn't even know you could massage pecs or could...I duno. She is a pro is all I can say.
3. She was able to read my body - just the right pressure and time without any real direction or feedback from me.
4. I left feeling absolutely brand new. Never felt a 100% happy with a massage until my session with Courtney.
She asked if I would be willing to extend to 90min from 60min so she could work in some more areas - I said yes of course! Worth it! She even scheduled me at 8pm which is super late but she was flexible and accommodating. 
Note: The place isn't hard to find once you figure it out but give yourself time to park etc. I went around the building twice.
She is very very very good at her job. She will be super busy and popular soon so book get while you can. I'm already set for my next two appointments.

4/7/2017 by Vince K.

Massage feels good. Well, duh. But what about the lasting effects?
When I found Courtney, I was looking for a masseuse who could actually reverse some of the chronic tightness I had in my back and hips. I had five 90-minute sessions with her over five weeks, and I'm happy to say they made a significant difference.
Courtney was professional, friendly, and easy to communicate with. I've had several massages in the past, but hers just seemed more skillfully done. She was able to identify the areas that needed work, and adjust her plan as we went. It was a wake-up call for me to realize how tight I was and how much room for improvement I had.
Courtney's massage room is comfortable and quiet. I felt like I was in a peaceful cocoon.
Over the five weeks, my mobility increased, and my tightness is much less of an issue. An unexpected side effect was that my mood improved, too. Oh yeah, and the massages felt fantastic!
I'm planning to go back every few weeks to maintain my new level of flexibility. Highly recommended and, in my opinion, a worthwhile investment in physical and mental health.

11/28/2016 by Lauren W.

I found Courtney's business online after searching through several yelp and google reviews.  I began yoga teacher training a couple months ago and had pulled my hamstring, so I was looking for someone to help me find some relief for my injury and to take care of my body during this time of extensive yoga training.  Courtney has a solid understanding of the body and helped to put me back on track with my training even with my injury and as an added bonus, she's been working out the kinks on an old shoulder injury as well!  She takes the time to listen to all my concerns and we discuss how and where my pain gets activated so that she knows just how to address it.  Courtney's been a life-saver throughout my training!  
In addition to her awesome massage skills, she's also very professional and makes you feel totally comfortable in her space.  Her prices are fair and reasonable and her late hours are great if you want to get in a session after work on the week days.

6/22/2016 by RJ A.

​Amazing experience! Courtney gives a truly therapeutic massage that will leave you relaxed and ready for a hectic work week!
The place itself may be a little difficult to find but she texts you directions and where to park to make things easier. When you arrive you fill out the normal paperwork of your history and if you want to focus on any particular area during the massage. While you're filling it out, she gives you a foot bath which I thought was very nice and have seen that before so that was super cool.
The massage itself is just awesome! She finds all your knots and tight areas during the massage and you'll feel refreshed by the end.
After the massage, Courtney also does a quick follow up of all your problem areas she found and recommendations of how to fix them instead of just kicking you out. I felt that I was very well taken care of the entire time I was there and even before and after because she helped me find the place and made sure I knew my way out.

​3/13/2017 by Laura D.

I go to Courtney once a month and look forward to it every time. Best massage I've ever had. My husband bought me a session with her for our anniversary and I raved about it so much that he bought me a year's supply. :) Every month my session with her seems to get better and better. Courtney is very knowledgeable about the muscles and works different techniques almost every time I go depending on my needs. If I need relaxing one week she focuses on that or some weeks I need deep tissue work to get the knots out. She keeps notes on my progress so we pick up right where we left off from session to session. I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

2/2/2016 by Silke M.​

Courtney is amazing! I have been getting massages on a weekly basis whenever I can and I have had enough different massage therapists to know the difference. Courtney offers great intuition and knowledge in one solid package. On top her location is wonderful.
I felt very comfortable in her massage room and she is kind, friendly and very professional. Pricing is below her value, I'd say buy as many massages as you can before she gets so booked up and her prices may go up. She got rid of all my knots and I felt refreshed, relaxed and completely rejuvenated after her massage. Can't wait to go back!

​6/23/2017 by Rob A.

Courtney is a highly professional, highly skilled, very well-trained and outstanding massage therapist.
I was very impressed with every aspect of her service.
She took time to communicate with me (not subtracting that time from the massage session time!), so she understood what I was hoping she'd accomplish.  Then, she diligently worked her way through the problem areas I'd described, and found some related areas that were problematic that I didn't even know about.  She used every minute of our session well, and I'm feeling a marked difference in my posture and comfort at my desk-bound job already.
If you're looking for a no-nonsense approach to excellent massage therapy, Courtney will impress you.

8/5/2016 by Barbara M.

I've been a practicing licensed massage therapist for over 7 years so I know massage and Courtney is the bomb!  First I love her space.  It's so soothing and inviting...I feel like I've walked into a relaxation cave!  When you book a 90 minute massage you get an extra treat of a relaxing foot soak and a hand massage prior to your session and that really sets the mood.  It helps start the relaxation process and really calms down your nerves if you just got out of traffic or had a hectic day.  Courtney is great at creating an individual experience each time.  I've already been to her 3 times and each massage was different depending on my needs and wants that day.  I typically come after working out and she has a lot of expertise in sports massage and really helps address sore, tight spots from my workouts.  She also has a gentle touch when I need it too and will give me a very soothing experience to help me relax and recover from a stressful day or week.  Her place is a little hard to find the first time but it's worth the extra effort to go downtown.  There is typically a lot of street parking close to her building so that part is easy and she is extremely helpful in giving you good directions to get there or help if you get lost.  I can't say enough good things about Courtney.  She is just a very caring, warm person and you will not be disappointed.  Book her today!

6/2/2017 by M. E.

If you've ever gone to her, there is absolutely no surprise that Courtney continues to receive 5-stars from all of her clients!  Every massage that I've had with her has been incredible!  
Working through a lot of tension and knots that have built up from years of self-neglect has definitely been a process and with each session, I continue to feel improvement.  Everyone says she's amazing...and she truly is!  The pressure, technique, and knowledge that she has developed is unmatched to other massage therapists that I've gone to previously.
And aside from the massage, for someone who is detail-oriented and appreciates the simplest of gestures, I can tell you Courtney has gone above and beyond: from the personalized water glass to the mints to the added touch of plants beneath the head rest and weekly quotes - every little touch makes you feel special and relaxed from the moment you walk in.
For anyone who is looking for a massage therapist to go to on a regular basis, or even as an alternate to going to a spa, I would absolutely hands down recommend her.  The massage is both therapeutic and self-indulgent!

2/19/2017 by Jennifer K.​

1. Without a doubt, Courtney is the best massage therapist I've ever experienced. I'm 48 years old and I sit at a computer for far too many hours a day, sometimes up to seven days a week. I've been getting migraines for 26 years, and while I've tried numerous different natural remedies including acupuncture, chiropractic care, yoga, Pilates, and massage, I have had to resort to pharmaceutical help for every migraine. Courtney is the only health practitioner that has ever made a migraine vanish for me. 
2. The girl thinks of EVERYTHING! As a software engineer, I am a bit typical in that some would describe me as the shy, anxious, obsessive compulsive type. ;) From the mints, the music, the scent of the pleasant room, the water (WITH YOUR NAME ON IT!!), the massage room atmosphere could not be any better. Everything about it communicates comfort. For an OCD person, this room is pure bliss. She also has the ability to make you feel at ease. For me, this might be an even bigger miracle than getting rid of my migraines. 
3. She is justifiably confident in her profession. She has an excellent knowledge of muscle anatomy, and she keeps an excellent record of her clients. 
I cannot recommend her highly enough and words do not do her justice. She is a miracle worker. It is truly a healthy and very therapeutic massage.

8/15/2017 by Gina C.

Courtney is amazing, I have been suffering from severe back pain for almost two years.  In the past I would receive a massage and a day or two later it felt as though I was never treated.  This has changed since I have began seeing Courtney. The relief is lasting weeks! I can sleep better, breathe better and not have pain stop me from going through my day to day activities! Do yourself a favor and GO SEE COURTNEY!

8/29/2016 by Jess C.​

​I was in San Diego for the weekend and decided a massage before I headed back home would be the perfect end to my trip. Courtney was amazing. Very professional and after the 60 minute massage - I felt wonderfully relaxed. Whenever I'm back in SD, I'll definitely be going to Courtney again for a massage.

7/5/2017 by Siobhan M.

​Amazing!! Courtney gave me one of the best massages I've ever had. I just had a baby 5 months ago and my body hasn't been the same ever since. She worked out some deep knots all over my body. I haven't felt this amazing in such a long time. You can tell she really enjoys what she does, she has the perfect touch. Her suite is beautiful, inviting, and peaceful. Great place to relax and feel good.

2/6/2016 by Damian O.

Courtney was awesome!  I just got a 2 hour massage and she was detailed and attentive.  She used the right pressure and worked out all the kinks.  She even gave me a card and went over my "trouble" areas and some recommendations of stretches to try.  I definitely will go back as she was warm and friendly and her technique was top notch.  Definitely try her out!

4/2/2016 by Dave M.​

Courtney did a wonderful job! She took the time to tailor my massage to the areas where I developed tension and knots. Throughout the massage she would check-in with me to ensure that the areas and pressure were right and left me with some pointers for alleviating pressure and tension in my upper body. I was very comfortable throughout the massage and I would recommend her to those interested in a professional massage!

2/18/2016 by Teresa E.​

Courtney is not only an amazing massage therapist she is a beautiful soul inside and out and she has a way about her that makes you feel like you have known her for years.  She possesses a natural ability to become in tune with you when you are in her presence and you feel like you are in a space that is free of judgement and safe for expression of not just what your body needs but what you need mind, body and soul.  Courtney is wise beyond her years and her knowledge of the human body and her ability to connect with you on a meaningful level make her a rising superstar in our town and we are lucky to have her here.  Courtney is thoughtful, caring, honest, and intuitive.  What I love about her most, however, is the gentleness she possesses in getting you to open up and share what you may be holding inside. Her ability to do this makes for one of the best massage experiences that you will ever have in my opinion because you are freeing your mind while she works to free your body of its tension and woes.  I cannot say enough about this young woman and what she has started to build for herself with her massage practice.  She deserves every 5-star review that's been posted and if I could give her 10 stars I would.  If you want a great massage, call Courtney,  If you want a great massage with the added bonus of feeling like you have someone who genuinely cares about you, your wellness, and well-being and dedicates her time to you when you are in session, call Courtney.  She's absolutely wonderful!!!

12/13/2018 by Heather H.

I was referred to Courtney by a friend that swore, "this was THE best massage she's ever gotten." I was hesitant but willing to give Courtney a chance, what could I lose? My friend was right. Her salon was easy to find, as you can see the sign from the street and parking was a breeze. It was clear from the beginning that Courtney works with INTENT. 
For me, it was all in the details. From the ambiance in the room to having oils in multiple locations (minimizing the amount of sound and movement) that made this whole experience amazing for me. The heated massage table and aromatherapy (at no additional charge) were icing on the cake. I wish I had booked a longer session because I did not want to leave! I have been raving and referring Courtney to everyone since the moment I walked out of her salon! I will be a once a month client from here on out, I'm hooked!

11/28/2018 by Ally L.​

Courtney is a true professional who clearly puts a lot of care and intention into what she does. Her office is very clean and relaxing. She made me feel comfortable right away and all the way through the massage. She used the perfect pressure and worked out every knot I was hoping she would focus on. The aromatherapy was a very nice touch as well. I felt feeling fantastic and was not sore the next day. I will definitely visit her again and refer her to others.

10/31/2018 by Melissa L.

I have been seeing Courtney for traditional massage therapy for several years now and was so excited to hear she was now offering cupping, I had to be one of the first to try. All I have to say "WOW"! The amount of improvement on my facia (which is usually SO painful) was far beyond expectation. In mere minutes of the pretty pain-free dynamic cupping, my facia was looser than it has been in quite some time and has remained very flexible for many days afterwards which is highly unusual for me. I have seen many people who end up with "cupping marks" but I was amazed I was able to have such a great result and nary a mark anywhere! I feel so great after the first session, I can hardly wait for my next one. Thank you, Courtney for continuously bringing new and great benefit to my stress monkey life!

​10/8/2018 by Mark E.

Over the years I have gone to many different massage places and was not that impressed. Most cases I went once and never went back. I've struggled with back pain over last couple years,and it's really affected my life in a negative way. One day I was complaining to my wife that my back hurt and she started looking again to find me a new place. Intention Massage and Bodywork in Lajolla came up and she booked me an appointment.Honestly I was skeptical and thought this place was like the rest out there. After my first appointment,I was amazed!! I never experienced any massage like this before.  She used a lot of techniques I've never seen at a massage place. Almost seems like I'm at a chiropractor/sports medicine dr. My back was feeling instantly better after 1 appt. Fast forward a month or so and I've had I think 6-7 appts so far. Courtney has made a positive impact in my life and made huge strides in the pain I have had in the past. She truly has a gift in giving massages. She is professional and knows what she is doing. I highly recommend her,you will not be disappointed.

​10/1/2018 by Chris Z.

4 months ago I injured my back so severely, my inhalations have been restricted.
Halfway through my first massage today, she had already provided me relief.  Of the 30+ masseuse's I've visited in the last 10 years, she's the best.
Thank you Courtney!

​9/21/2018 by Joyce B.

​Have been coming to Courtney at intention for about three months now. At first, I had many challenges for her to work with, due to various injuries old and newer, as well as some emotional upheaval - she patiently and lovingly helped me regain comfort and function in my body and at this point in the process I feel so much better.  She keeps meticulous notes so you don't have to remind her of what you want and need, which is great.  She is also adept at multiple styles so you can have different experiences.  Her work and who she is as a person are definitely top notch.  Super skilled and flexible in her approaches.

​12/14/2017 by Pamela C.

I went to Intention Massage for my FIRST MASSAGE EVER!!! I read all the amazing reviews on Yelp after searching high and low for a great first place to get a massage and thought I should check this place out. Courtney far exceeded all my expectations, from the ambiance, to the delicious water, to her professionalism, to the massage itself. She worked out areas that I didn't even know I needed massaged, it is amazing how intuitive she is and really listens to your body and its needs. I highly recommend Courtney!!!

12/4/2017 by Mary W.​

I was referred to Courtney by a friend. I saw Courtney twice in the same week because O M G. She is strong and sensitive. Her space is comfortable and safe. She 100% listens to your needs. I live out of state but if I lived in California you bet I would be a regular of hers! I left feeling taller and stronger. Once she even let me nap on her hammock! She rocks!

​11/29/2017 by Jason H.

Courtney has a unique and diverse aptitude for reading a persons body and adjusting her treatment to what your body responds to. She has a depth of bodywork and physiological knowledge that is clearly evident when you work with her. 
As a person who historically does a poor job stretching and foam rolling, the cite specific stretch suggestions and bodywork have really helped me stay active. I highly recommend her.

11/20/2017 by Kyle P.

Amazing work! Courtney is friendly, communicative, professional, and talented. I went in stressed and tight, and left relaxed and relieved. I will definitely go back in the near future for another 90 minute treatment.

​10/13/2017 by Tim R.

Great massage! Feeling better than ever, thank you!

​3/10/2017 by Alexandra B.

​Courtney really takes the time to make sure she is accommodating to the areas you need worked on and applying the appropriate pressure for you.  She makes you feel relaxed and comfortable during the massage.  It's easy to schedule an appointment and she keeps you at the intro rate if you book weekly.  The location is easy to find and parking is easily accessible.  The office has a tranquil sense to it and smells nice.  You will feel like a new person afterwards and I would highly recommend her if you want to feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

3/10/2017 by Jess G.

- i have decent history of back problems - scoliosis, disc issues, spondylosis
- i had no expectations of improvement when i first met courtney. in the past, massage has been used to temporarily relieve pain. 
- i created a yelp account only to leave this review
after my first session, courtney's comment... "i think your back will entertain me." i was shocked by her confidence as im typically told ill be "a challenge." i so appreciated her word choice; immediately impressed by her. 
most importantly, she can back up the talk. she takes excellent notes, loves feedback, and retains the information to apply during a future appointment. and, as others have noted, her amenities and ambiance are top-notch. 
i don't honestly know if there is a point at spending your money anywhere else in san diego for massage. ive tried many... she demolishes all competition.

8/14/2016 by Amy K.

Amazing experience. Courtney is a "muscle whisperer" and I am so glad I was recently introduced to her. I highly highly highly recommend her.

​6/17/2016 by Tino G.

​Courtney was hands down the best massage I've had, and I'm a ex Massage Therapist myself. She had a natural touch and applied just the right amount of pressure. She knew exactly which areas need more work than others and what to pay special attention to. I will definitely be back and refer her to everyone I know!

5/19/2016 by Wright F.

Best. Massage. Ever.
Courtney is by far and away the best Massage Therapist I've ever visited. She has an astounding degree of empathy that lets her pick up on your needs and that synergizes with her calm soothing demeanor to create the most relaxing experience I've ever had.
I only wish I could give more than 5 stars.

5/16/2016 by Stephania P.

Courtney was friendly, flexible and attentive. You can tell she is very passionate about what she does and she knows what she is doing. She will get to the root of the problem and work with you to find the best therapy. I look forward to returning!

4/28/2016 by James P.

Totally professional in her approach. Takes the time to look over your information form and asks pertinent questions to ensure she address your areas of concern. Uses organic coconut oil and essential oil aromatherapy (what could be better?) Her table, bolsters and face cradle are very comfy!  Although her office is near downtown, parking and access to the building was easy. I've already scheduled my next appointment!!

​4/10/2016 by Jason F.

Courtney provides a professional, soothing atmosphere, and is extremely skilled massage therapist. My two massages with Courtney have not only helped to relieve pain in my body and to feel much more relaxed, but to understand how and where I hold tension.  As a very active person, this understanding is important to me.  I plan to go to Courtney on a regular basis for massages and am thrilled to have found such a gifted massage therapist.

​3/15/2016 by Matthew D.

I had a great massage experience with Courtney today. She was very in tune to my body and focused on tension areas that needed attention. It was extremely relaxing and her room was very peaceful. She has a great massage technique,  has a great therapeutic touch and is receptive to clients desired outcome of the massage. I highly recommend Courtney as your massage therapist she's everything you could ever want in a massage therapist. Very professional, on time and knowledgeable about the human body. 5 stars all the way!

​2/29/2016 by Z.B.

​Courtney was awesome.   She did great in getting knots out.  Would definitely recommend.

​2/14/2016 by Lorelie P.

​I met Courtney while she was working at Massage Envy in Indiana and I have never had a better experience with massage and bodywork, than from Courtney.  She later relocated to San Diego to start her own practice and although her presence and work are deeply missed in Indiana, it is a pleasure to know she has an opportunity to share her work in her own element and style in her own business.  I have since had an opportunity to visit San Diego for work and had an opportunity to receive a massage from Courtney at Intention Massage and Bodywork.  I have never been in a more serene studio and although she is still the most amazing therapist, she provided aromatherapy free of charge, unlike other places.  Everything was perfect, the lighting, the music, the positivity, the presence, and mostly the massage and bodywork.  Courtney is one of a kind, she is professional, kind, caring and present in all that she does.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing massage experience.

2/2/2016 by Cheryl D.

​I received a great massage from Courtney.  I have multiple herniated disc in my neck that have pinched a nerve and also flattened my spinal cord.  I live in daily pain.  Courtney was able to help alleviate so much of that pain with just my first massage.  I couldn't believe the relief I felt after one session.  I had been getting massage therapy from my physical therapist, and whenever I left from there I was in more pain then before I received help.  It was not this way with Courtney.  I highly recommend her whether it be a therapeutic or just relaxation massage.

1/23/2016 by Mary W.

Courtney Adams gave me an exceptional massage!  I got her contact info from the hotel where we are staying and called.  I was in such pain and unable to put nearly any weight on my right leg.  Too much walking while on vacation had taken a real toll on my already stressed, inflamed and injured right knee and leg.  My hip was in so much pain,  I had begun to take serious pain meds.  Courtney got me in the first thing the following morning and did magic on my legs!  I walked out of that place an hour later like a new woman.  After making an appointment to see her again the following day, my husband and I enjoyed walking through Balboa Park and though it was more than I should have done, I managed.  Still I was able to walk several blocks to dinner and back and when I walked into Courtney's office the next day without my cane, she smiled with sincere pleasure at my healing.  She gave me an 1 1/2 massage and I haven't even thought of using that cane since.  She has done more for me with those two massages than the last 1 1/2 months of physical therapy has done for me!  Her rates are ridiculously reasonable!  You are doing yourself a big favor by calling to make an appointment with Courtney.

1/22/2016 by Joseph L.

From the minute I walked into the office I was at peace. Courtney's smooth and relaxed motions was what my muscles needed! I was provided with after session helpful advice. Great experience! Highly recommended.

​1/17/2016 by Cerena J.

Best massage ever! Sometimes it takes some time to feel comfortable but not with Courtney, her sweet soul allows you to fully relax so you can reap all the incredible benefits of your massage. I feel amazing after our session, thank you thank you thank you!

​1/15/16 by Darrell W.

Courtney is a highly skilled and a highly effective masseuse. Her massage was incredible. I have been getting regular massages for over 40 years. This is simply the BEST i have ever received. Its unlikely you would be able to find a better massage professional anywhere on the planet!

​12/22/2015 by Theressa S. 

Courtney is amazing! She has been my monthly deep tissue massage therapist for several years. She is professional, knowledgeable and talented with a special healing touch. Her massages are consistently excellent. She has a welcoming and friendly personality making the experience very relaxed and rejuvenating. She is the best!

12/21/2015 by Oesten N.

If you ever have a workout that leaves you sore in muscles and ligaments you didn't know you had, Courtney can find them - from strange corners of your lats to your IT band.  She has a technique that doesn't leave you aching, but instead refreshed and less sore than you went in.  She is great at listening and responding to any concerns about temperature, pressure, or background noise, and is happy to let you relax to the music, talk about fitness or stretches, or chat about life.  She can also provide guidance in relaxing if you're not sure how to do deep breathing, etc.  She's the best massage therapist I've had a massage from, so I'm sad to not be in her regular area - makes me want to take regular trips to San Diego!

10/16/2015 by Mellie B.

Yesterday I experienced THE BEST massage of my entire life!  Let's be honest, how many times have you looked forward to getting some relief from tension, tired and aching muscles only to be sorely disappointed.  You come away feeling like you just stepped out of a boxing ring from being pummeled to death by the Massage Therapist or the Therapist is side tracked and rushing thru the massage.  They might finally have found the spot that has been plaguing you, ahhhh, but then they skim over it.  
This is not the case with Courtney.  She is well versed in Human Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology.  The attention she gives to each area of the body is phenomenal.  I carry my tension in my lower back along with having major trigger points throughout my upper neck and shoulder region.  She managed to find all and slowly, methodically work them out.  
I can not say enough about her awesome skill level, professionalism and follow up.  I will continue to seek treatment with Courtney!  I've finally found the perfect Massage Therapist!
Please, if you truly want to have an experience such as mine, I urge you to give her try once.  I promise your search for quality will be found at Intention Massage and Bodywork!

10/3/2015 by Brenda C.

Courtney is a truly exceptional massage therapist!  She is professional, knowledgeable, sincere, caring and intuitive. I have thus far had four sessions with her and she has helped me tremendously with lower back pain that I have been struggling with for years.   I give Courtney the highest recommendation!

​9/27/2015 by Veronica W.

Courtney did a great job helping me relax and destress. She worked out some tension I had as well! I can't wait for my next massage with her!

9/24/2015 by LaKara R.

I have battled tension and pain in my neck and shoulders for years. Courtney is very professional, attentive and has worked very hard toward relieving my pain. Out of all of the massage therapists I have seen over the years she is absolutely the best.

​9/24/2015 by Brianna B.

I have had multiple sessions with Courtney, and have never been disappointed! She takes the time to listen to my needs prior to even beginning the session. Courtney makes sure to check in multiple times throughout the session to ensure that the desired level of pressure is being met. I struggle with tension in my neck and shoulders, and i 
always end our sessions with the tension completely relieved. After each session, I was asked if there were any adjustments she could make to improve our next session. This simple question shows how much this massage therapist truly does care for her clients, and wants to see their sessions improve each time. I have been to multiple different therapists, and Courtney has been the best by far! I would recommend her to anyone and can guarantee an amazing session each time.

​9/17/2015 by Jennifer P.

​From my first session with Courtney, I've been hooked! She immediately established a relaxing atmosphere and made sure she understood my expectations as well as how I was feeling physically and mentally.  Her instincts are extraordinary!  I leave feeling refreshed, clear headed and amazed by all she's accomplished.  Her background provides her with a great deal of knowledge and skill.  She's also an excellent listener.  She never initiated small talk; Courtney wanted me to direct the conversation level of each session.  Her focus is in making sure I received from the session what I wanted/needed.  Courtney is a person of incredible professionalism and integrity.  I recommend her to everyone I know.​​​​


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