"Finally, it comes down to connection. When you come to see me for a session,

it's professional in that at it's core, you're compensating me for the best experience

I can provide you during your set time of self-care. It's personal, in that we can connect

by both being present for the bodywork, and you can share as much or as little

about what's going on in your life, confidentially, as you would like.

You're not just a client, neighbor or friend- you're one of my Intention People...

a tribe, community. And I'm thankful to have you in my life."

-Courtney Adams, SD Voyager, November 2017


Arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled session time.

Pre-session discussion:

5 minutes prior to the scheduled session time we will discuss your current

habits, injuries, and specifics for tailoring your session.

During your session:

Sessions include the full 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes of hands-on bodywork.

​Customized techniques, pressure, music preference, and adjustable plan based on your feedback​.

  • Table heat​ - Hot towels​ - Aromatherapy​ - Coconut oil

Post-Session discussion:

Discuss feedback of the work.

Determine tailored wellness plan.

​Payment and opportunity to schedule follow-up session.


​Sunday - Friday

​Afternoon - Evening

Professional. Effective. Mindful.

Therapeutic Bodywork​ in San Diego.

Deep Tissue Sculpting / Trigger Point Therapy / MyoFascial Sculpting / Structural Integration / Sports Cross-Fiber Technique / Active Release Technique​​

Therapy sessions are strictly professional; additionally, no inappropriate conduct will be tolerated.


Online scheduling

Clean. Punctual. 

The details matter.

Working with Intention:

Client Feedback: