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Specializing in Deep Tissue MyoFascial Sculpting massage for relaxing pain-relief!
Therapy sessions are strictly professional; additionally, no inappropriate conduct will be tolerated.


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Your pledge will be seen by you, those around you, and heroes who see your vehicle with a reminder to:

- Use Turning Signals for Better Communication with Your Neighbors
- Be Mindful of Motorcyclists, Bicyclists, and Pedestrians
- Let the Glorious World of Social Media Wait Patiently to Hear from You
- Have a Good Reason Why You Delayed That Text Back
-Put Your Phone Away Until You Arrive
-Buckle up
-Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Dedicate your pledge

"When we lose someone we love

we must learn not to live without them...

but to live with the love they left behind."

-Unknown (Mary)

Nominate a Hero:

Every. Day. the people we know respond to and see tragedies.

Who do you know that has direct contact with motor vehicle accident victims?

- Police Officers

- Firefighters

- Paramedics / EMT

- ER and Hospital Staff

Write me a message!

​​Have a question or would you like more specific information?

For every 15 pledges we'll gift a massage to a nominee who responds to tragic auto accidents on the job.​​

(Optional) Dedicate & Nominate:

​Send Love - Honor Heroes

​Act Now- First Step:

Venmo​ secure payment app

1. Download app and setup your account within minutes

2. Search @Intention and Add Friend

3. Make Public Payment 

Make payment to: @Intention

Amount: $20 for Window Decal

What's it for? : #DriveWithIntention

​Feel like gifting a session towards a hero separate from your pledge or in addition? All donation sizes welcome and will be recorded as anonymous or as your thanks to a nominated hero!

​What happens next?

You'll receive an accountability agreement and the 'Drive with Intention' decal by mail. You'll need to send an email to with your full name, complete mailing address, and if you have a dedication or nomination. Then check your snail mail!

​​Hero Spotlight:

​<Name of first nominated Hero>

<Photo of Hero upon consent>

<Amount of time given in service to others,

initial reason for getting into the field,

reason for staying or leaving the field,

Moment of Impact: a memorable experience>

Can you think of a creative way you'd like to help?

Thank you!


​Pledge & Inspire

Pledges & Dedications:

​"The song is ended, but the melody lingers on." -Irving Berlin

​#1 for (first nominated hero) ​in dedication to Dave Adams by Courtney Adams

#2 for (first nominated hero) in dedication to Joe Depari by Courtney Adams

#3 for (first nominated hero) in honor of Todd Nelson's work to help bicyclists be seen and be aware of common crash situations through CyclingSavvy by Oesten Nelson

#4 for (first nominated hero) by Steven Marks

#5 for (first nominated hero) by Kristina Irwin

#6 for (first nominated hero) by Aaron Gunn

#7 for (first nominated hero) by Tammy Rambo Warner

#8 for (first nominated hero) by Jamie Fields

#9 for (first nominated hero) by Jason Freeman

#10 for (first nominated hero) by Barbara Miller

#11 for (first nominated hero) in Dedication to Susan Williams by Courtney Adams

Make the Pledge:

​Honor Yourself - Make an Impact

How It Started:

​How my Dad's fatal car accident inspired me to act

In 2017, I received a call that my dad died in a car accident.

This came following my friend's fatal motorcycle accident,

as well as my own two car accidents,

all in 2017.

People merge without hesitation or turning signals.

People mesmerized by their phones.

I want safer, friendlier roads and I hope you do too.