Online scheduling

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Massage and Bodywork

When You Book Online:

A credit card must be saved, securely on file,

with your consent of a 50% charge for same day cancellations,

or 100% charge for a no-show appointment.

You will receive an email confirmation of your booked appointment, and can opt-in for text reminders.
Both email and text should arrive 1-2 days prior to your appointment.

The morning of your first appointment, you'll receive a text to the phone number you've left on file.
It will be the direct way to contact me for an emergency.
The text will include helpful arrival details.

At Your Scheduled Appointment: 

Choose street or free garage parking.

I have a chair outside of the office door for you if you arrive early.
I will be with my previous client, please do not disturb.

For your first session, please plan to arrive 10 minutes early
to ensure you get the most out of your session.

I do have a private restroom for you to use if needed before/after your session.

The beginning of your appointment will include discussion of your
health and injury history, habits and activities,
session expectations and priorities, likes/dislikes,
and agreed-upon plan for the session.

The session can be more inclusive for hands, feet, scalp, facial massage,
or kept structured to fix the immediate priority.
No two sessions will ever be the same,
because each day your body will feel and be slightly different.

I will leave the room for your privacy to undress to your comfort level
(undress but leave on underwear),
and return when you are securely under the top sheet and blanket.

During Your Massage: 

Coconut Oil will be used as a massage oil.
***If you have a known allergy or have another preference,
please send me an email head's up
and bring your preferred oil/cream with you to the appointment.

I include complimentary aromatherapy (Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus),
if you prefer. I'll ask before we get started about your preferences.
To ensure that the scent is not overwhelming for you, or my next client,
it will be lightly incorporated into the oil, rather than into the air with diffuser.

The session will progress with pressure and philosophy-based techniques.
I welcome questions during your session as to "what" and "why" for the techniques and styles that I feel are customized for your session based on your structure.

Comfort requests can include adjusting the headrest or the use of various bolsters, including a neck roll while face-up, a cushion for larger breast support while face-down, small/medium/large ankle support, prenatal/sidelying pillows, table extension for clients 6'3"+, and potentially more that I can't think of at the moment.

I use soft cloths that double for eye covers as well as to wipe off excess oil if needed after the session. Coconut Oil is great for your skin, but feel free to wipe off if I've used more than you'd like to leave with on your skin!

Spa Music is my go-to for a relaxing setting,
but I do use Pandora and if you have a request, I am your DJ.
You may choose to request an artist, genre, or opt for nature sounds.

Aside from a few cues at the beginning and mid-point of your session,
discussion during your massage will only be cued by you.
I respect my clients' need for quiet, introspection, and relaxation-
but do welcome questions, comments, and discussion.

Your responsibilities are to continually relax your body
to ensure that you're not guarding or tightening your muscles,
to breathe continually at a slow and comfortable flow,
and to communicate significant (good or alarming) or a painful experience 
if it occurs during the session.

If you've arrived on time or early,
the session will include 60 or 90 minutes hands-on, as you've scheduled.

At the conclusion, I'll step out for your privacy to get up slowly and dress.

After Your Massage:

We will discuss my specific anatomical findings/perspective 
and what it means for you,
as well as our intention for future sessions to continue progress
to correct chronically tight/contracted muscles, release knots/adhesions,
identify unhelpful habits to let go of, and determine priorities for next session.

After EVERY session, I will ask your feedback-
what you would like me to make note of for more, less, or different
during the next session.

Payment can be made by cash,
card (processing fee) with my Square reader, or Venmo payment app.
Change is not kept on hand for security reason.

Tipping is based on your comfort level-
appreciated but not expected.
Consider my rates a flat number that we can both depend on.

You may choose to schedule your next session with me,
or choose to do so online at your convenience.
I hope to never make you feel pressured into follow-up,
but can provide my authentic recommendation,
based on muscular/fascial tightness.

Concerning follow-up, if you have pain, high-stress,
or just would like to receive often for physical/mental/social self-care
I encourage and support sessions as soon as two days later,
and as spaced out as monthly maintenance. 

After Your Appointment:

You will receive a 'Post-Session' email
including post-care recommendations
and a link to rebook.

You will receive a 'Birthday Month' email
on the first day of your birthday month inviting you to schedule a session!
Make sure you have  your birthday added to your profile. :)

After our first session, if you don't schedule your next appointment:
You will receive a one-time 'Time-To-Book' email
after 8 weeks without a scheduled appointment.
You will receive a '6 Month' email 
after 6 months without a scheduled appointment.

Optimally, you will progress to maintain monthly maintenance
for pain-free structural alignment
with improved posture,
improved mood,
and a listening ear focused on you and your progress.